President’s Impact Awards and President’s Impact Academy

What are the President’s Impact Awards?

The University of Toronto President’s Impact Awards (PIA) celebrate and honour faculty members whose research has led to significant impact beyond academia; for example, on society, culture, public policy or law, practices or services, education, the development of products, processes or services from inventions, the economy, health, a profession, the environment, quality of life, or through public engagement.

Recognizing the breadth and depth of scholarship at the University of Toronto, multiple PIAs may be awarded annually. The Selection Committee will seek over time to achieve a balance across disciplines and types of impact.

PIA recipients are designated by the University as members of the President’s Impact Academy.

Who are the President’s Impact Awards for?

Nominations are open to faculty members with full-time academic appointments whose research has led to significant impact beyond academia. This includes tenure-stream, teaching-stream, and clinical faculty and status-only faculty with full-time academic appointments.

We encourage and welcome nominations of colleagues university-wide in the arts and humanities, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and professional disciplines, whose outstanding achievements may be recognized with this special University of Toronto honour.

Nominations are prepared by Department Chairs, Academic Directors, Vice- or Associate Deans Research, or Vice-Principals Research and are to be endorsed by the nominee’s academic division.

Why is this competition in place?

The President’s Impact Awards aim to recognize faculty members for demonstrable, sustained research impacts that may result from a single influential contribution or from an ongoing commitment to research translation. Recipients become part of the President’s Impact Academy, which advocates for sustained excellence in research and innovation impact within and outside of the University.

President’s Impact Award winners receive a monetary award of $10,000 per year for five years to be used toward their research. Recipients are determined by a process of nomination and internal review and selection by a committee chaired by the Vice President, Research & Innovation.


  • How is the President’s Impact Award related to the Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award?
  • The Carolyn Tuohy Impact on Public Policy Award is one of the Awards of Excellence, an award program stewarded by Alumni Relations on behalf of the University of Toronto Alumni Association. Due to their common aim to honour research impact, the Carolyn Tuohy and President’s Impact Awards share the same nomination process and are adjudicated by the same committee. PIA nominees whose research impact is related to public policy may be considered for both awards, and both may be won concurrently.


  • Provide guidance on the nomination process
  • Manage the online nomination form and selection process

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