Research Advisory Board

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) provides the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, with counsel on a wide variety of matters relating to the University of Toronto’s research enterprise. The RAB includes Vice-Principals, Research, Vice/Associate-Deans, Research and Vice-Presidents from across the disciplines on all three campuses and the affiliated hospitals.

Terms of Reference

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) is representative of the research enterprise across University of Toronto campuses and hospitals. It is not intended, nor feasible, to include delegates from every research unit or discipline.

    1. Appointment to the RAB is made by the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI) with advice from the President and Provost. It is advisory to the VPRI.
    2. The RAB will be the leading venue for discussion, advice, and guidance on the strategic research issues and directions of the university.
    3. The RAB will address all aspects of the research enterprise across U of T campuses and hospitals including basic and applied research, knowledge translation, commercialization, and industry and community relations.
    4. The RAB will play a leadership role in liaison on research and commercialization matters with federal and provincial governments and their agencies.
    5. The RAB will provide advice and guidance on U of T’s strategic international research activity and presence, in the context of the university’s overall international strategy.
    6. The RAB will advise on the use of effective performance indicators that describe the differentiated position of U of T as a research-intensive university, and communicate these to various stakeholders.
    7. The RAB will advise on the formulation and implementation of an effective communication strategy for research at U of T.
    8. The RAB will strike subcommittees, task forces and specialty groups of various types, from time to time, to facilitate the implementation of it activities.


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