Student Principal Investigator (PI) Access to the My Research – Human Protocols (MRHP) System

In order for a student to create and submit a human research ethics protocol through MRHP, THEIR SUPERVISOR must FIRST assign their role via MRHP. Only the supervisor can do this step, which may be done as follows:

  1. Original Submission

    If the student will be submitting an original submission (i.e. not a renewal or amendment of an existing protocol) then the supervisor must assign the Student PI role.

    This role will be valid for one year, and can be re-assigned annually, as required.

  2. Renewal, Amendment, Protocol Completion report or other document on an EXISTING protocol

    Student Protocols created prior to October 25, 2017 (i.e. before the launch of the new system, MRHP) were migrated to the new system with the Supervisor as the applicant. In order for the Student to create a new document on this protocol, the Supervisor will need to re-assign the protocol to the Student using the “Re-Assign Legacy PI” transaction.

    This step will reassign the protocol to the student as well as assign the appropriate role and system access to the student.

Please note that the student’s access in MRHP will be active the day after the supervisor assigns the role or reassigns the protocol.

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