Brazilian Research Partnerships: A Message from Interim VP Research and Innovation, Peter Lewis

July 3rd, 2014

Brazil represents more than half of South America in terms of geography, population and economy. It is an important player on global issues such as trade liberalization, international security, and United Nations reform, and is a growing market for trade and investments.

Canada and Brazil share vast, sparsely inhabited territories and the richness that comes from multicultural diversity, including our indigenous populations. Canada’s relationship with Brazil is growing, as indicated by the level of official visits, burgeoning trade and investment, and greater interest within both countries in learning more about the other from both public policy and person-to-person perspectives. Co-operation in areas such as human rights, security, governance, defense, federalism, science and technology, air services, agriculture, cultural diversity, environment, labour, aboriginal affairs, health and education give further structure to our relations.

This website has been created to help University of Toronto scholars participate in and share opportunities for working with Brazil. With the recent signing of the funding agreement between U of T, the University of Western Ontario, and the São Paolo Research Foundation (FAPESP), new opportunities are becoming available to do significant work with our colleagues in Brazil.

This website is also a way for you to tell us what we can do to help you. Please make use of it to tell us about your research and about the challenges you face in your collaborations with partners in Brazil. We are interested in learning what you are doing and where we can create better connections. We are already doing some of that work, but let’s create a convergence between what you are doing as individual researchers and what we are doing at the institutional level.

Professor Peter N. Lewis
Interim Vice-President, Research and Innovation

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