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The New Innovations

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Our global society is shaped by innovation. The creation of new knowledge and the application of it is in the news every day, affecting virtually every aspect of our lives. The drive to "innovate"÷ a word derived from the Latin "innovare," meaning "to make new" ÷ has been at the heart of human society since our earliest times. Generation after generation has striven to improve upon the ways we live, more often than not realizing true progress. Imagine where we would be without innovators such as Aristotle, Da Vinci, Copernicus, Curie, Einstein, Salk, Chomsky, Banting, Polanyi, Smith, and so many others. People with talent, vision and daring.

Innovation is built upon talent and knowledge. And to create an impact with innovation requires networks and partnerships. Universities ÷ and their alumni, faculty, students and staff ÷ collaborate with communities, governments, industry and individuals to bring innovation to the many parts of society where it can make a tangible difference, locally, nationally and internationally.

Edge, the University of Torontoās first publication devoted exclusively to research, celebrates our innovators, the knowledge they generate, and the spirit of innovation itself. It will tell you about the creative people at U of T and the hospitals, research institutes and centres affiliated with the university who break new ground in every field, from anthropology to zoology. With more than 16,000 researchers at U of T, Edge will cover only a small sample of the innovation that comes from our campuses and our affiliated centres and institutes. Still, the stories told here aim to fulfill two goals: first, they will demonstrate the unique and necessary role that universities play in the future of Ontario and Canada and in how our world will unfold tomorrow; and, second, they celebrate the research networks and partnerships that spread the reach of our knowledge, talent and innovative contributions to benefit broadly the communities we serve.

I hope you enjoy Edge. If you have questions or comments, please donāt hesitate to e-mail us at research.services@utoronto.ca

Heather Munroe-Blum
Research & International Relations

University of Toronto Office of the Vice-President, Research and Associate Provost