Copyright Disclosure

The following applies to the Copyright Policy. For information about the inventions policy, visit our Invention Disclosure page.

Are you a U of T author?

Consider the following questions to determine if you are a U of T author according to the Copyright Policy:

  1. Have you made or developed an architectural, artistic, choreographic, cinematographic, dramatic, literary, musical, scientific, technical or other work in which copyright may subsist under the Copyright Act and applicable law?
  2. Are you an employee, student, visitor or other member of the U of T community?
  3. Did you make substantial use of university funds or facilities in creating the work?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you may be required to file a Copyright Disclosure Form with IPO.

U of T will own the work if it was created in the course of your employment by U of T, or if you were specifically commissioned by U of T under a written agreement in which you assigned the work to U of T. In all other cases, except if the work has been granted to a third party, the author will own the work.

How to file a disclosure

To file an copyright disclosure:

  1. Fill out the Copyright Disclosure Form.
  2. Submit the original, signed form to the Intellectual Property Officer. An electronic copy can be submitted via email to

If you need any assistance with filling out your form, please contact the Intellectual Property Officer.

More information

Contact We are here to help you fulfill your disclosure obligations.

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