Invention Disclosure

The following applies to the Inventions Policy. For information about the copyright policy, visit our Copyright Disclosure page.

Filing a disclosure is your first step towards commercialization at U of T. U of T has a flexible process that allows Inventors to take personal ownership and commercialize their invention on their own. Alternatively, you can offer ownership to U of T if you wish to take advantage of the commercialization services provided by U of T’s Innovations and Partnerships Office (IPO).  In either situation, faculty have an obligation to disclose their inventions to U of T.

If the work that led to the invention was done at another institution (e.g. at one of the hospitals affiliated with U of T) or did not use any U of T resources, contact the appropriate hospital research office or the other institution’s technology transfer office.

If you believe that what you have developed does not fall under the Inventions Policy and wish to confirm, please fill out the Declaration of Invention with No Significant Use Form and submit it to IPO’s Intellectual Property Officer at

When to file a disclosure

Early disclosure to U of T is encouraged to allow time for ownership to be determined, and patentability and market potential assessed. Disclosures should be filed as soon as the invention or work is clearly conceptualized or as soon as you can fully describe your new product or process so that someone else familiar with the field could use it.

You absolutely must disclose before you plan to sell, license, or otherwise assign your invention or encumbered copyright material.

How to file an invention disclosure

  1. Fill out the Invention Disclosure Form. Use the Invention Disclosure Form Guide to assist you in filling out this form.
  2. Submit the signed form to IPO. An electronic copy can be submitted via email to

If you need assistance, contact

What to expect after disclosing

  1. You will be contacted by an Intellectual Property Officer from IPO to acknowledge receipt of your disclosure.
  2. If a research partner or sponsor has an option to license your invention, we will notify the partner that an invention disclosure has been submitted and await their response before additional action is taken.
  3. If there are no sponsor obligations and you request personal ownership, the Intellectual Property Officer will provide you with assignment documentation shortly after your request is made.
  4. If you wish to assign the invention to U of T, specialists at IPO will evaluate the novelty and commercial potential of the invention before accepting it into U of T’s portfolio.
  5. A letter will be provided to advise if the project will be accepted by IPO. If the project is not accepted, the letter will provide rationale and suggest additional work to refine the invention. If the project is accepted into IPO‘s portfolio, we will work with you during the commercialization process.

More information

To learn more, check out the Inventor’s Guide to Tech Transfer at U of T (PDF). This guide is an overview of the tech transfer process at U of T, including FAQs from our research community and services available for U of T inventors.

IPO is here to help you fulfill your disclosure obligations. Contact us at

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