Access Your Research Funds

When you have been awarded research funds and the sponsor has issued an award letter, or an agreement has been fully executed, VP Research & Innovation staff will establish a Funded Research Digest (FReD) in the University’s administrative system.

The FReD includes key details governing the award, including the fund number and fund centre, the budget, eligibility of expenses, and other terms and conditions that you and the University are obligated to follow, such as research progress reporting deadlines, financial reporting requirements, and terms of payment. In addition, the FReD identifies the name of the VPRI staff person who created the fund.

Any amendments or changes to terms and conditions of the Award will be noted on the FReD

For more information see: How to read a FReD

Only the Vice-President, Research and Innovation and the President have authority to accept research funding on behalf of the University. And only VPRI staff can create the award so that spending can occur. While the majority of sponsors send award information or agreements to VPRI staff directly, it is essential that you forward a copy of any award notice you received to VPRI staff promptly. Individual faculty members and academic unit/division leaders do not have authority to bind the University by signing research agreements

A FReD can be viewed at any time on My Research on Line (MROL).

My Research On Line

My Research On Line (MROL) is an on-line service open to all principal investigators at the University of Toronto.  MROL contains information on your research applications, ethical reviews, and research funds.  Administrative support staff may also use this service to view research funds.  Principal Investigators may log in to MROL with a user name and password.

Any financial activities in your research funds are updated daily and should be visible when you access MROL.

VPRI staff do not provide paper-based FReDs. If you have a research award at U of T and have not yet established access to MROL, please consult with your Business Officer, or click here:  Access MROL.

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