AMS Reporting for Business Officers

Funded Research Digest (FReD): Due Dates and Deliverables

A new section has been added to the Funded Research Digest (FReD) to track the key due dates and deliverables related to a research fund. Further details and an annotated sample FReD.

Research Funds Summary Report

The Research Funds Summary Report (RFSR) is a comprehensive Administrative Management System (AMS) report providing a real-time overview of every detail of a unit’s research funding. The report combines data contained in both the FIS and RIS modules, and links directly to a number of other commonly used reports. The expansive scope of the RFSR eliminates the need to run multiple smaller reports, and makes it the essential research funding reporting tool.

The RFSR will answer these questions and more:

More information: User Guide – Research Fund Summary Report

Status of PI Monthly Report Review by PI (ZFTR101)

This report in AMS provides business officers with a simple and accurate way to verify which researchers are reviewing their monthly statements via My Research On-Line (MROL). It shows the specific accounts and periods that have been reviewed over the grant year. For more information about this report, please click here

My Research On Line (MROL)

My Research On Line (MROL) is an on-line service open to all researchers at the University of Toronto as well as their administrative support staff. It enables users to see information on Funded Research Digests (FREDs), ethics reviews, and research funds. UofT Librarians can use this service to view the status of their PERA accounts.

MROL access for business officers is included in the RIS Business Officer Role in AMS. If you can display a FReD in RIS, you have access to MROL! This role provides visibility to everything the PI sees on MROL except for the Ethics protocol information.

To request the RIS Business Officer role, please submit the AMS divisional access form:

RIS Tutorials

This documentation assumes that you are already familiar with the general functionality of the AMS interface, i.e., that you know how to use matchcodes and pick lists.

Overall Help Files

Download this package of Overall Help and Support

Instructions and reference include: Data Content of RIS; RIS Glossary of Terms; View FReD in Browser or Export to Excel; The Pro-Rated Option.

RIS Award Reports

Download this RIS Award Reports Tutorial

Tips and instructions include Awards by Administration Site; Awards by Faculty/Department; Awards by Location; Awards by Sponsor; Co-PI’s by Faculty/Department; Co-PI Report; FReD Batch Report; Grant End Date; Researcher by Expertise; Sponsor List.

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