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Confidential Information & Intellectual Property Agreement

About This Document

Many Research Agreements contain provisions regarding the use of confidential information and/or intellectual property, in addition to other important terms and conditions. As described in the Principal Investigator’s undertaking within the My Research Application (MRA), it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to ensure all project participants, whether or not paid from Research Agreement funds, are aware of the conditions contained in the executed Research Agreement. The CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (“CIIP”) AGREEMENT is used by the Principal Investigator to document the agreement of each project participant to comply with the terms of the Research Agreement.

If a Research Agreement contains specific terms or provisions pertaining to any of the following, the use of the “CIIP” by the Principal Investigator is required:

  • Obligations regarding the storage, handling, dissemination and/or destruction of confidential information of the sponsor.
  • Rights granted to the sponsor regarding the review of results, reports, publications and other forms of public dissemination.
  • Rights, options or any other considerations to the sponsor regarding the use of project background or foreground research data, materials, tools, intellectual property (whether or not patentable), know-how, software, etc.


The Principal Investigator should discuss the terms of the Research Agreement with all potential project participants and provide an opportunity to review and seek independent advice or legal counsel.

Prior to participating in the project, each participant will be required to sign the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION & INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (“CIIP”) AGREEMENT. The Principal Investigator is responsible for maintaining and storing the signed “CIIP” documents and providing them to the University as requested.

As new participants are added throughout the duration of the project, they will also be required to sign a “CIIP”.

Please contact the Funding Officer as listed at the bottom right of the Funded Research Digest (“FReD”) or the Innovations & Partnerships Office (innovations.partnerships@utoronto.ca) with any questions or comments.


Confidential Information & Intellectual Property Agreement

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