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Invention Disclosure Form

About This Document

This form is used to record Inventions made at U of T using U of T resources and/ or facilities. It is used to satisfy the Inventor’s obligations under the Inventions Policy. The description of the Invention should be detailed and specific, as it defines the scope of the Invention, and establishes the boundaries of the Inventor’s rights. For step by step information on properly completing the form, please refer to the guide available above.


Submit the completed form to the Intellectual Property Officer for review prior to obtaining signatures via email at ip.officer@utoronto.ca. If you need any assistance, please contact the Intellectual Property Officer.

If you believe that what you have developed does not fall under the Inventions Policy and wish to confirm, please fill out the Declaration of Invention with No Significant Use Form and submit it to the Intellectual Property Officer via email at ip.officer@utoronto.ca.

For next steps after disclosing, click here.

If you require further information, contact ip.officer@utoronto.ca. We are here to help you fulfill your disclosure obligations.


Invention Disclosure Form
Invention Disclosure Form Guide
Inventions and Commercialization at U of T FAQs
Declaration of Invention with No Significant Use Form

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