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Sponsored Research & Collaboration Agreement

About This Document

The sponsored research and collaboration agreement covers financial support for research in a particular subject area or field. This agreement formally outlines a research partnership, typically with industry, and specifically addresses the scope, nature, budget and intellectual property rights of the relationship. For more information about industry partnerships, visit our Partner with Industry page.


All agreements must be reviewed by the Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) to make sure they comply with U of T policies, before they are sent to the third party.

The fastest way to get a sponsored research agreement signed by U of T is to use the standard university template. This will help to reduce negotiation times. While IPO prefers to use U of T‘s standard template, we welcome and will work with other templates.

Contact IPO early in your negotiations. We will send our standard template, found below, to the other party and will ensure that appropriate contract terms are negotiated (i.e. intellectual property rights, publication rights, insurance requirements, etc), freeing you to focus on the particulars of your research project.

Following the execution of the research agreement, all¬†project participants will be expected to complete a Confidential Information & Intellectual Property (“CIIP”) Agreement.


Sponsored Research and Collaboration Agreement

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