Commercialization at U of T

Jennifer Fraser“It is our goal to build industry in Ontario and make international companies take notice so there are many new receptors for our latest and greatest inventions.”
~Jennifer Fraser, Director, Innovations
Contact Jennifer at or (416) 946-5515.


U of T is a global leader in transforming research for entrepreneurship and prosperity, and in turning ideas and innovation into products, services, companies and jobs.

The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your first stop for commercialization of U of T. Commercialization refers to a broad set of activities that add value to a discovery by bridging the gap between an idea and the creation of a definable and marketable product or process. Download our Inventions and Commercialization at U of T FAQs to learn more about commercialization at U of T.

Our Commercialization Partners

In addition to our own team of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Managers at IPO, we also have a strong partner: MaRS Innovation (MI). MI is a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CERC) which serves as the commercialization agent for several institutions in the Toronto area including U of T and our partner hospitals. For more information on MI, please visit

Invention disclosure and ownership

U of T has a flexible process that allows inventors to take personal ownership and commercialize their invention on their own. Alternatively, you can offer ownership to U of T if you wish to take advantage of the commercialization services provided by U of T and MaRS Innovation. In either situation, faculty have an obligation to disclose their inventions to U of T. Filing a disclosure is your first step towards commercialization at U of T. For more information, visit our Invention Disclosure page.

Licensing and Technology Opportunities

IPO manages U of T‘s inventions portfolio and has an ever changing and expanding number of market-ready innovations, ideas and technologies. Browse our Technology Opportunities to find the solutions you need, download our Licensing Principles , or contact Jennifer Fraser, Director, Innovations at

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

U of T is one of the leading North American universities for company creation, in a class with the likes of MIT and Stanford. To learn more about our entrepreneurship programs and examples of start-ups at all stages of development, visit our Entrepreneurs and Start-ups page

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