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Commercialization is the value-creation process that bridges the gap between a discovery and a definable and marketable product or process. IPO is your first stop to commercialize a U of T invention.

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U of T has a modern, flexible ownership policy that is “Inventor’s Choice”: Inventors may choose to assume full responsibility for patenting and commercialization, or can offer the invention to U of T.

Inventor’s Guide to Tech Transfer at U of T (PDF)

This guide is an overview of the tech transfer process at U of T, including FAQs from our research community and services available for U of T inventors.


  1. Overview
  2. The Technology Transfer Process
  3. Ownership of Intellectual Property
  4. Research Considerations
  5. Invention and Technology Disclosures
  6. Assessment of an Invention Disclosure
  7. Patents
  8. Other Intellectual Property
  9. Marketing an Invention
  10. Licenses and Other Agreements
  11. Commercialization
  12. Revenue Distributions
  13. Start-Up Companies
  14. Navigating Conflict of Interest
  15. Appendix: IPO Innovation Team Contacts

Invention Disclosure and Ownership

Whether pursuing self or university-led commercialization, faculty have an obligation to disclose their inventions to U of T. For more information, visit our Invention Disclosure page.

 Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups

U of T is among the world’s best universities to create a company. To learn more about our entrepreneurship programs, visit our Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups page.


Are you a U of T author? Learn about U of T’s copyright policy including disclosure and ownership.

 Technology Licensing Opportunities

IPO manages U of T’s portfolio of market-ready innovations, ideas and technologies. From fighting cancer to world-leading advancements in AI, find solutions to global challenges.

For more information or to start the conversation, contact the IPO Commercialization Team.

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