Industry Partnerships

U of T encourages faculty members to connect with external partners to expand their research activities and impact. The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is your gateway to sponsored research and collaboration agreements, non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, and other forms of partnership agreements. We sign approximately 2,000 of these agreements and manage $50M in industry and leveraged funding each year.

Find a Research Partner & Leverage Funding

The Business Development (BD) team at IPO can help you find a match to your area of research interest. We connect industry with U of T research collaborators in many areas of study through our Funding Opportunities Database and through direct communication with potential industry partners.

We can also help you identify sources that can be used to supplement your research dollars. NSERCOCE, FedDevMitacs, as well as federal and provincial tax incentives can magnify the resources available to work on your project. Our experienced BD team can help identify the program most appropriate for your needs.

Contact the BD team at

Agreement Templates & Negotiations

IPO negotiates, drafts, and signs all partnership agreements on behalf of U of T.

If you are a party external to U of T wishing to collaborate with a researcher at U of T, please contact early in your discussions with our researchers to ensure timely execution of agreements. Using our industry-tested agreement templates can help ensure more efficient turnaround time.

If you are a researcher at U of T: The process for submitting requests to draft, negotiate, and sign certain non-funded research agreements has changed. Requests for the following types of agreements will now need to be submitted via the My Research web portal:

The process related to obtaining the following types of agreements has not changed:

Recruit our Students

Whether you’re an industry partner looking to collaborate or hire the right candidates, or simply want to increase the visibility of your organization on campus, contact the Career Centre. They’ll connect you with an exceptional group of students and recent graduates. We can also work with Mitacs, OCE and other sponsors to arrange for student internships and related programs.

Direct and Indirect Costs of Research:

The performance of research at the University requires funding for the direct costs associated with the project – costs that can easily and accurately be identified including salaries, wages and benefits of research personnel, materials and supplies, travel, equipment and rental of space.  Research activities at the university also incur very real indirect costs – costs that cannot be directly attributed to a specific research project, usually because they are incurred for objectives common to multiple projects, multiple researchers or multiple functions of the University. Examples of indirect costs include but are not limited to maintenance of research facilities, financial and administrative activities, compliance with regulatory requirements and libraries.  To ensure sustainability of the University’s research enterprise, and consistent with the University’s Research Administration Policy, all research sponsors are expected to support the true, full cost of research, including both direct and indirect costs. More information on the direct and indirect costs of research can be found here.

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