The Royal Society of Canada

Recognizing Canadian Research Excellence

Since 1882, the Royal Society of Canada has been Canada’s National Academy of distinguished scholars, artists and scientists.

Its programs and activities recognize and honour outstanding Canadian scholars, artists and scientists, and help to translate academic knowledge to benefit Canadian society.

The RSC is best known for three national programs recognizing research excellence:

  1. Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada;
  2. RSC awards and medals; and
  3. Members of the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada

“Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada” is a sought-after designation that signals significant achievements in research and scholarship over an academic career. Only elected Fellows are entitled to use the honorific “FRSC” after their signature.

The University of Toronto is home to the country’s single largest cohort of Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada. There are currently over 370 Fellows at the University of Toronto.

View RSC Fellows at the University of Toronto

Awards and Medals

The Royal Society of Canada and its three member Academies administer a diverse program of awards and medals that are distributed broadly across the sciences, the social sciences and humanities, and the arts. Many of the awards are named after great scholars in Canadian history. Fellowship is not a prerequisite for nomination.

Recent University of Toronto winners of RSC Awards and Medals include:

2017 Anver Emon, inaugural Kitty Newman Memorial Award
2017 Mark Lautens, Henry Marshall Tory Medal
2016 Linda Hutcheon, Lorne Pierce Medal
2016 Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Bancroft Award
2015 Keren Rice, Pierre Chauveau Medal
2014 Spencer Barrett, Flavelle Medal
2014 Michael Evans, McNeil Medal
2014 Sylvia Bashevkin, Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies
2014 Balint Virag, John L. Synge Award

View RSC Medals & Awards

College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists

In 2014, the Royals Society of Canada established the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Membership in the College is specifically awarded to outstanding mid-career academics who have made a significant contribution and who show great promise.

The mandate of the College is “To gather scholars, artists and scientists at a highly productive stage of their careers into a single collegium where new advances in understanding will emerge from the interaction of diverse intellectual, cultural and social perspectives.” To date, 20 University of Toronto researchers have been named Members of the College.

Read about our recently elected Members of the College

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