Create A Protocol Completion Report (PCR) in MRAP

PDF Version

Log into My Research at

Click on:

  1. My Research
  2. Animal Protocols
  3. Animal PI
  4. My Animal Protocols
  5. The PROTOCOL NUMBER to enable the Create PCR button (click on number and NOT title)
  6. Now the Create PCR button will be enabled – click to go to the prepopulated Identification page of the PCR document. (If nothing happens when you click on the button, please confirm that your browser pop up blockers are not on.)

  1. Ensure that your animal counts are up to date (see Animal Counting Instructions).
  2. Fill in mandatory fields marked with red asterisks
  3. Check the Confirmation box
  4. Submit the PCR

Please note: The PCR cannot be approved when there are animals on hand.

Access An Unsubmitted PCR Document to Continue Working On It and Submit

To get back to a PCR document that was created, saved, and closed before submission, navigate to your list of protocols (steps 1 to 4 above) and then click on:

  1. “Protocol Search for PI – Unsubmitted” tab
  2. The PROTOCOL NUMBER (click on number and NOT title)
  3. Load PCR

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