My Research Human Protocols (MRHP)

The new on line system for the submission and review of human ethics protocols (MRHP) will be opened to users on Monday October 30, 2017.  MRHP is complementary to My Research Applications (MRA).

As we transition to MRHP please observe the following deadlines:

  • All new protocols for delegated review submitted on or after October 25th must be submitted on-line through MRHP.
  • All new protocols for full board review beginning with the December 2017 REB meetings must be submitted on-line through MRHP.
  • All Amendments, Renewals, Protocol Completion Reports and Adverse Event Reports for existing protocols must be submitted on-line through MRHP after October 25th.

MRHP Features

  • Integrated with your MRA account (same username and password)
  • Use your UTORid and password for logon
  • Create, edit, and save draft protocols online
  • Attach files (e.g. charts, diagrams) to the online protocol
  • Submit the protocol and amendments online
  • Annual protocol renewals to a maximum of 6 renewals
  • View the status of protocols (in progress, approved, expired)
  • Set up temporary student delegates or permanent staff delegates to assist with protocol writing and management
  • Online notification when the Research Ethics Board (REB) has reviewed, provided comments, and approved the protocol
  • Submit requested REB revisions online
  • Current versions of protocol-related documents are always maintained online
  • Save/Print a .pdf of the protocol

MRHP Benefits

  • Easier and more efficient submissions
  • Centralized access, storage, and management of human ethics protocols, including remote access
  • Easier submission process for on-going studies (renewals, amendments, protocol completion reports)
  • Improved capacity to meet Tri-Council requirements and other standards

Please note that course-based protocols that are reviewed through the Delegated Ethics Review Committee (DERC) will continue to be submitted manually. Course-based protocols that do not have a DERC must be submitted through the online system. It is therefore imperative that students and course instructors are aware of whether or not they have a respective DERC. This can be found on the Ethics website at


Although we anticipate that you will find MRHP intuitive and easy to use, hands-on training for researchers will be provided on an on-going basis.  If you would like to register for one of these sessions please review the preliminary schedule.  In addition, a complete user guide, tip-sheets and how-to videos will be available shortly.

Ongoing support will be available through the Research Oversight and Compliance Office (416 946-3273 or and the RAISE Helpdesk (416 946-5000 or

Process Changes

With the launch of MRHP we are also introducing some changes to our processes.

  • The number of renewals will increase from 4 to 6, for a maximum protocol length of 7 years.
  • Researchers who have submitted their TAHSN protocol for Administrative Review will now submit their TAHSN renewal approval letter online through MRHP rather than to the Grants Officer in the Research Services Office. You will also be required to provide a brief Protocol Completion Report in order to inform the University that work conducted at the University under the protocol has concluded.  TAHSN protocols may be renewed in MRHP as many times as is permitted by the issuing hospital’s REB.
  • MRHP will allow you, if required, to amend and renew your protocol at the same time.
  • A new report has been created to document instances where it was necessary to deviate from the approved protocol while conducting the research. Further information on the Protocol Deviation Report (PDR) may be found below.
  • Students & Postdoctoral Fellows will be able to submit protocols under their own name to their supervisor.

Legacy Protocols

In order to facilitate submission of amendments, renewals, Adverse Event Reports (AERs), PDRs and Protocol Completion Reports, for previously approved protocols, these legacy protocols will be migrated to MRHP.  When submitting an amendment or renewal of a legacy protocol please attach a copy of the currently approved protocol.

Legacy protocols which currently have the status of Data Analysis Only will be converted to Renewal 4 in MRHP.  The University will be reviewing the use of this status in the coming months.

Protocol Deviation Reports

A protocol deviation is any departure from the REB-approved ethics review application form that has occurred without prior approval from the REB (e.g., changes to the study procedures, consent process, data protection measures). The submission of this form does not necessarily indicate wrong-doing; however follow-up procedures may be required.

Protocol deviations should be reported to the REB using this form within 15 calendar days of the investigator becoming aware of the deviation. If the protocol deviation occurred in order to eliminate an immediate hazard to research participants, reporting should occur within five (5) calendar days of the investigator becoming aware of the deviation.

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