Allow Co-applicant(s) (etc.) To Edit and/or Develop an MRHP

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All University of Toronto faculty members have been assigned the role of Co-PI, with the exception of U of T faculty members whose primary appointment is at an affiliated hospital.


  1. Select the name of the Co-Investigator/Co-Applicant/Collaborator
  2. Designate the person as a Co-Investigator/Co-Applicant or Collaborator
  3. Click the “Send to Collaborator…” button (if you have just added the person’s name you will need to Save the protocol first)
  4. Enter the Return Date and select the Co-Investigator /Co-Applicant/Collaborator to whom you want to send the protocol and click the “Send” button

This sends the protocol to the user’s My Research Inbox for action. As part of the process, they will automatically be sent an email informing them that the protocol has been sent.

When you “Send” the protocol to someone else for action, you will not be able to edit the protocol until it is returned to you. The protocol will be returned to you when one of the following takes place:

  • The recipient clicks the “Forward to PI” button, or
  • The Return Date passes

Your U of T Co-Investigators/Co-Applicants/Collaborators can view the protocol from the Co-PI tab.

Protocol documents which have not yet been submitted appear on the “Unsubmitted” tab.

If you do not see the name of your Co-Investigator /Co-Applicant/Collaborator in the pop-up, one of the following conditions may apply:

  • The name has not been added to the list of Co-Investigators/Co-Applicants/Collaborators for the protocol
  • The application has not been saved since the name was added
  • The name was not added from the “Find UT Collaborator” search

(If the user’s name was originally add to your “My Collaborators” list from the “Find UT Collaborator” search, the name may be selected from this list.)

If the user still does not appear please contact the Help Desk 416 946-5000 as there may be a problem with the user’s information.

To display the Co-I’s protocol click on:

  1. My Research
  2. Human Research Protocols
  3. Co-PI
  4. Co-PI Human Research Protocols
  5. HP to select
  6. Load Protocol button

Please contact the RAISE Helpdesk at 416-946-5000 or with any questions.

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