Create a Protocol Completion Report (PCR) in MRHP

PDF Version

Log into MRHP at

Click on:

  1. My Research
  2. Human Research Protocols
  3. PI
  4. My Human Research Protocols
  5. The PROTOCOL NUMBER to enable the Create PCR button (click on number and NOT title)
  6. Now the Create PCR button will be enabled – click to go to the prepopulated Identification page of the PCR document. (If nothing happens when you click on the button, please confirm that your browser pop up blockers are not on.)

  1. Click on the Next (Previous) button to navigate through the PCR to start editing

  1. Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with red asterisk) in the sections:
    • Project Detail
    • Privacy

  1. To complete the submission, click on the Submit button available from any screen

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