Reassign Student Legacy Protocol Back To A Student

Re-assigning the Principal Investigator (PI) on a Legacy Protocol in My Research- Human Protocols (MRHP) – “Re-Assign Legacy PI” transaction.

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Student Protocols created prior to October 25, 2017 (i.e. before the launch of the new system, My Research – Human Protocols) were migrated to the new system with the Supervisor as the applicant. In order for the Student to create a new document on this protocol, the Supervisor will need to re-assign the protocol to the Student using the “Re-Assign Legacy PI” transaction.

Important Notes:

  1. This transaction cannot be used if a document (e.g. amendment or renewal) is currently under review for the protocol. Please wait until the review is complete and then proceed with the re-assignment.
  2. This transaction will automatically assign the Student PI role to the student to whom the protocol is being re-assigned, if they do not already have it.

Steps performed by Supervisor:

Log into the MRHP system using UTORauth credentials at

Click on:

  1. My Research
  2. Human Research Protocols
  3. PI
  4. My Human Research Protocols
  5. The relevant protocol number (NOT title), to select the protocol to be reassigned. The row will now be highlighted in orange, and the “Re-Assign Legacy PI” button at the top of the table will be enabled/available.
  6. Re-assign Legacy Protocol button.

    When you click on the Re-Assign Legacy PI button, a confirmation pop up screen will appear.
  7. Click on the “Yes” button to proceed to the “Designate Legacy Protocol” screen on which you can re-assign the PI role for this protocol to your student.

    If there is a protocol document currently under development or review (e.g. an amendment or renewal), the following message will appear, and you must wait until the review is complete before reassigning the protocol PI.

    If there is no protocol document currently under development or review, you will see the Designate Legacy Protocol screen.
    On the Designate Legacy Protocol screen, you will see general information and application details, as well as the names of any collaborators listed on the protocol (usually the Student PI). This information will help you confirm that you are in the correct protocol before you re-assign the PI role to the student. Please note that this transaction cannot be undone.
  8. To re-assign the PI to your student, click on the “Search Student-PI” button to bring up the pop up student search function.
  9. On the student search function, enter the first and last name of the student.
  10. Click on the “Search” button to search for your student. If no matches are found, try searching with only the student’s last name, or by only their email address, both with and without “mail” in the address. The asterisk (*) acts as a wildcard when searching.
  11. 11. When you see your student’s name in the hit list, click on the name to select it. This will close the search pop up screen.

    You will now see the name of the selected student in the “New Student-PI Selection Assignment” section of the Designate Legacy Protocol page.
  12. To complete the re-assignment of the PI role on this protocol to the selected student, click on the Submit button.

    After clicking the Submit button, you will see a page confirming the re-assignment.

    This protocol will now have disappeared from your list of protocols in your PI folder (refresh the screen if you still see it) and will have appeared on your list of protocols under your Supervisor folder.

    The Student is now the PI on this protocol and can initiate and submit any further documents related to it.

Please contact the RAISE Helpdesk at 416-946-5000 or with any questions.

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