How to Revise and Resubmit a Human Protocol that was Returned for Revisions in MRHP

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Log into MRHP at

To reach the HP for editing:

  1. Click on “Inbox” to see the Human Protocol (HP) that has been returned to you for revision. The HP appears with the task listed as “Revision”.
  2. Click on the protocol title (“Subject” column) to drill into the protocol to get to the “Identification” page.

  1. Click on the “Edit” button

To view the reviewer comments:

The reviewer comments can be seen in two ways: (1) section by section or (2) all at once:

  1. Click the “Review Comments” link in the top right corner (in any section of the HP) to see the comments made by the committee related to that section of the protocol.

  1. To see all comments at once:
    1. Go to section “15-Reviewer Comments”
    2. Click on the “Expand All” button to see all comments at once

To respond to the comments:


To create and add “Notes”:

  1. Click on the “Notes” link
  2. Click on the “New Note” button on the pop up box

  1. Enter a “Subject” and “Note Text”
  2. Click on “Create Note” button

To resubmit the HP after you have completed your revision:

  1. Go to 14-Undertaking section
  2. Mark the checkbox “I have read…”
  3. Click on the “Submit” button

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