How Do I Review My Student PI’s Protocol?

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  • Supervisor will receive an email notification with a link to MRHP when a student/post-doc submits a protocol
  • Supervisor will find the protocol for review in MRHP Inbox as a “Review” task
  • Supervisors may not alter the protocol with the exception of Funding Information

Log into MRHP at

Click on:

  1. Inbox
  2. Click on the protocol title in the Subject column to reach the Supervisor Review window. (If nothing happens when you click the button, please confirm that your browser pop up blockers are not on.)

In the Supervisor Review window you can do the following:

  1. Display the Student PI’s Protocol
  2. Add or remove a Funding Source
  3. “Approve” to send to the relevant Unit Head or “Return to PI” for revision

To Add Funding:

  • If your student’s research is being supported by your funding this information should be added on the supervisor’s approval screen.

  1. Select the funding source (check box)
  2. Click Add
  3. In the pop up window select the fund by clicking on the Fund # (line is highlighted)
  4. Click the Add Fund button

To add notes to the protocol click Display Protocol button

  • Please be advised that Notes can be read by any user who has access to the protocol, e.g. a PI, a PIA, an REB member
  1. Click Notes link
  2. Click New Note

  1. Fill in Subject and Note Text
  2. Click Create Note or Create & Notify (to send a notification to another user that a note has been created)

Please contact the RAISE Helpdesk at 416-946-5000 or if you have any questions.

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