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How to Create a New Protocol as a Student PI on a Human Research Ethics Protocol (student named as PI)

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A student will get an account on the “My Research – Human Protocol” (MRHP) system once their supervisor assigns them Principal Investigator (PI) priviliges by designating them as a “Student PI” through MRHP.

Step 1: Supervisor assigns the Student PI role in MRHP

There are two ways in which a Supervisor can designate their students and postdocs in MRHP: course-related designation and non course-related designation.

The supervisor has a “Designate” function as part of their MRHP access.

Please tip sheet on how a Supervisor can designate a Student PI.

Step 2: Student creates protocol in MRHP

The day after the role has been assigned, you will have the access to create a human ethics protocol.

To begin creating a new protocol (original submission), please log into My Research using your UTORid and password at

Click on:

  1. My Research
  2. Human Research Protocols
  3. Student PI
  4. My Human Research Protocols
  5. Create New Protocol

This will take you to the first page of the protocol, Identification. If you don’t go to the Identification page when you click on “Create New Protocol” please check if your browser is blocking pop ups, and turn off your brower pop up blocker.

How to access the document-in-development that was created and not yet submitted (Original saved, but not submitted)

  1. Click on the “Human Protocol Search for PI – Unsubmitted” tab
  2. Click on the human protocol record in the table to select it (will be highlighted in orange)
  3. Click Load Protocol

To send to Supervisor to review and edit the DRAFT document (note: Do NOT use this if you want to SUBMIT a final version for ethics review)

Students can send the protocol to Supervisor for review before submission. Students may not edit the document while it is with the Supervisor. The Supervisor must send the protocol back to the Student to submit when it is ready for ETHICS REVIEW.

To SUBMIT the application ready for Ethics Review
Go to section 14 – Undertaking

  1. Check the “I have read…” box to enable the “Submit” button
  2. Click on “Submit” button

Please contact the RAISE Helpdesk at 416-946-5000 or with any questions.

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