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Air quality map shows Toronto’s most polluted neighbourhoods

Added on: April 22, 2015

If you’re thinking of buying a home at Don Mills and Sheppard or in Riverdale, you might want to take heed. Research carried out at the University of Toronto shows that these neighbourhoods, despite being among the most desirable, are also among the most polluted in the city. read more

As fundraising gap grows, Toronto’s wealthy schools leaving poor schools behind

Added on: April 13, 2015

Mapped out, those schools follow a pattern similar to that shown by University of Toronto researcher David Hulchanski in his Three Cities report, which identified the growing divide between high- and low-income neighbourhoods in Toronto, as well as the disappearance of middle-class neighbourhoods. read more

Big box shopping centres will need to reinvent themselves, planners say

Added on: April 1, 2015

The recent closures of Future Shop and Target stores highlight a conundrum that’s got urban planners and real estate experts talking. As Canadians migrate from the suburbs to the inner cities and do more of their shopping online, big box shopping centres face an uncertain fate. Experts say many of these shopping centres will need… MoreMore arrow

Suicide-prevention efforts after 1st attempt must last longer, new research suggests

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Most suicides in an almost nine-year Ontario study occurred after a first attempt, pointing to the need for longer-term monitoring, doctors say in a new report published Wednesday. read more

Pilot project for aboriginal children’s education sees positive results

Added on: February 25, 2015

Aboriginal children on reserves — among the most at-risk students in Canada — can hold their own at reading and writing if given the same intense help, fresh materials and teaching tactics used to help struggling students in mainstream schools, according to the results of a pilot project released Tuesday. read more

Consumers stand to reap little or no nutritional benefit from energy drinks

Added on: January 13, 2015

According to the study at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University, novel beverages sold in Canadian supermarkets revealed extensive nutrient enrichment. read more

Five must-watch startups for 2015

Added on: January 7, 2015

Toronto’s tech community, long overshadowed by those in other Canadian cities like Kitchener and Waterloo, Montreal and Vancouver, is finally starting to come into its own. It may never grow to the size and significance of a Silicon Valley, but as we’ve recently discussed, global startup empires are starting to come out of Toronto. read… MoreMore arrow

Canada’s Startup Communities Shining Brighter Than the California Sun

Added on: November 25, 2014

Silicon Valley may be the first place that comes to mind when you think of tech startups, but when considering resources, financial support, and a welcoming atmosphere, Canada has been steadily putting itself on the map. read more

Pay by wristband launched in Canadian test by RBC with Bionym’s Nymi

Added on: November 11, 2014

Are you ready to put your heart into shopping? Starting next year, Royal Bank customers may be able to do just that if the bank’s current testing with Nymi, a wristband that verifies shoppers by using their heartbeat to allow credit card payments, proves successful in testing. read more

TrendMD designed to help medical research get read

Added on: November 10, 2014

A Canadian startup’s web widget is offering doctors and researchers help in digitally navigating the staggering volume of medical studies and articles being published each day around the world. read more