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The problem with solitary confinement

Added on: March 26, 2015

“The desire for retribution is understandable, but it doesn’t necessarily make good policy,” says sociologist Kelly Hannah-Moffat Jenny Hall Ontario has launched a review of its solitary confinement policies. The practice has been in the news lately, from the Ashley Smith case to more recent instances of prisoners being segregated from their peers to ill… MoreMore arrow

Target in Canada: What went wrong? And can the retail giant recover?

Added on: October 21, 2014

Jenny Hall We spoke to Professor David Soberman of the Rotman School of Management in 2011 when Target first announced it was coming to Canada. Three years later, the American retail giant is here — and bleeding red ink as it faces criticism over inventory and prices. We caught up with Soberman for his thoughts… MoreMore arrow

Frozen fever: Why we can’t “Let it Go”

Added on: September 15, 2014

A Q&A with Professor Nic Sammond on the enduring popularity of Disney’s hit film Jenny Hall Disney struck box office gold with the animated feature Frozen, which has the distinction of being the highest-grossing animated feature and the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. Its Academy Award-winning song “Let it Go” has struck a particular… MoreMore arrow

What’s Behind a Spoonful of Sugar?

Added on: September 8, 2014

Sarah McDonald The World Health Organization recommends keeping sugar consumption to below 5% of daily caloric intake, yet the fact that most North Americans consume far more than this on a daily basis continues to make headlines and is even the subject of a viral video lecture. We spoke to Elizabeth Abbott, senior research associate… MoreMore arrow

Robot road trip

Added on: September 2, 2014

U of T speech recognition expert who programmed hitchBOT is helping people with dementia Jenny Hall North America’s romance with the open road has taken a lot of forms. From Jack Kerouac’s On the Road to Thelma and Louise, we’re familiar with the trope of the free-spirited traveler setting off in search of something. We’re… MoreMore arrow

Everyone says sitting is the new smoking. How dangerous is it really?

Added on: July 15, 2014

Jenny Hall Study after study has highlighted the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle that includes extended periods of sitting, and the catchphrase “sitting is the new smoking” has gained traction in the media and in popular consciousness. We asked U of T’s Greg Wells how bad sitting really is. Wells is an assistant professor in… MoreMore arrow

Should we ban after-hours work email?

Added on: May 11, 2014

Sociologist Scott Schieman on the consequences of being always connected to the office Jenny Hall Media worldwide lit up recently with the news that France had banned work-related emails after 6 pm. It turns out there was no such law, but given the level of interest in the story, we decided to speak to U… MoreMore arrow

Can epileptic seizures be predicted and prevented?

Added on: March 28, 2014

Q & A with Professor Berj L. Bardakjian Erin Vollick In honour of Epilepsy Awareness Month, Erin Vollick sat down with a leading neurological researcher at the University of Toronto, Berj L. Bardakjian. A biomedical engineering Professor at the Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) and the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical… MoreMore arrow

What is Bitcoin?

Added on: March 6, 2014

The Faculty of Information’s Yuri Takhteyev explains the mysterious currency Jenny Hall News of major Bitcoin exchanges closing after being hacked have left a lot of people scratching their heads over the mysterious “open-source” currency. We spoke to Yuri Takhteyev, a software researcher and status-only professor in the Faculty of Information, to help us make… MoreMore arrow

Why is Walmart expanding into groceries?

Added on: February 24, 2014

Rotman’s David Soberman on the new era of supermarkets Paul Fraumeni In early February, Shelley Broader, CEO of Walmart Canada, announced her chain was moving fully into the grocery business.  Walmart’s Canadian stores had added full grocery lines to some of its larger outlets, but Broader’s plan now is to inject $500 million into expanding… MoreMore arrow