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Is it safe to exercise when it’s hot and humid?

Added on: July 16, 2008

Is it tempting fate to exercise with summer now in full swing and temperatures and humidity at their peak? The short answer is that it is safe to exercise in the summer. But it is also essential to take precautions, whether you are going for a good walk at lunch, playing soccer or training for… MoreMore arrow

What causes spiraling gas prices?

Added on: July 9, 2008

Summer’s here, we’re packing our cars and filling our tanks for the annual summer vacation. And as the mercury rises, so do gas prices. What’s behind spiraling gas prices and who sets the price? Joseph D’Cruz, professor of strategic management at U of T’s Rotman School of Management says that it’s not the oil companies… MoreMore arrow

The government has apologized for Native residential schools. What should happen next?

Added on: July 2, 2008

Experience Research talked to Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux, a professor of social work and Aboriginal studies about life after the apology. She thinks of the apology as “an opening, a perfect opportunity to begin a dialogue about moving forward.” The major barrier to doing that is that “everything gets siloed,” she says. “We talk about Aboriginal issues,”… MoreMore arrow

Will superdelegates get Obama the Democratic nomination?

Added on: June 17, 2008

As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama raced neck-and-neck for the Democratic nomination to run in the U.S. general election, attention turned to the mysterious group of so-called superdelegates who seemed to hold the balance of power in the race. But who exactly are they? “Superdelegates are elected officials and other party members who are active… MoreMore arrow