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Martin Pickavé

Added on: July 15, 2013

The idea that we are free is central to our understanding of the human experience. Because we are free, we are considered responsible for our actions. But what does it mean to be free? What exactly is freedom? Dr. Martin Pickavé, Canada Research Chair in Mediaeval Philosophy, believes that the best way to tackle this… More

Jason Fish

Added on: July 10, 2013

Endothelial cells line the walls of blood vessels and are vital to the healthy functioning of cardiovascular systems. As part of a process called angiogenesis, these cells drive blood vessel growth necessary to promote tissue repair after an injury.

Marcelo Cypel

Added on: July 2, 2013

Lung transplants save lives and improve the quality of life for many people with end-stage lung failure. But while researchers have made significant advances in improving the success of lung transplants in recent years, serious challenges still face those waiting for a lung.

Brian Cox

Added on: June 24, 2013

The placenta, which is attached to the mother and connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord, plays a number of important roles in pregnancy. It carries food and oxygen to the baby, sends waste products into the mother’s bloodstream (through which they are then disposed of), and produces hormones that help the fetus develop… More

Morgan Barense

Added on: June 5, 2013

Half a million Canadians and 35 million people worldwide live with Alzheimer’s disease or related forms of dementia. These numbers are expected to increase substantially in coming years, and they cause tremendous societal and economic burdens.

U of T + MaRS Innovation = 1 catalytic reaction

Added on: May 14, 2013

Dr. Rafi Hofstein, President, MaRS Innovation If you work in the life sciences and you ask friends working for private companies about how they fund internal R&D, they’ll probably tell you what they’ve been telling me. The days of large-scale corporate investment are over. It’s too risky. This is good news for the University of… MoreMore arrow

Study on sleep patterns in seals could shed light on human slumber

Added on: April 29, 2013

Some new insight into the sleeping patterns of seals could help shed light on the chemicals that lull humans to slumber, researchers said Tuesday. Read more

Over $100 million to U of T research from CFI/ORF successes

Added on: March 15, 2013

“Forward-thinking investment,” says President Paul Fraumeni Recent successes in awards from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), combined with a recently announced match from the provincial Ontario Research Fund (ORF), have resulted in more than $100 million in research funding for U of T. The funding comes from these sources: CFI (announced Jan. 15, 2013… MoreMore arrow

U of T leads in national science awards

Added on: February 27, 2013

Stephen Cook wins Herzberg Gold Medal Jenny Hall University of Toronto researchers won or shared honours in six of eight prize categories in this year’s awards from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), presented Feb. 27 in Ottawa. The accolades represent an unprecedented performance by U of T scholars ranging across… MoreMore arrow

Scott Schieman

Added on: February 22, 2013

Your smart phone buzzes at a critical moment during your son’s school play. Your new promotion came with a raise and more prestige and authority, but you’re not enjoying it as much as you thought you would. You are encountering more pressures at work, sleeping a little less soundly and feeling a bit too rushed… More