President’s Impact Awards – Selection Process


  1. Nominations are open to faculty members with full-time academic appointments and whose research has led to significant impact beyond academia. This includes tenure-stream, teaching-stream, and clinical faculty and status-only faculty with full-time academic appointments.
  2. Academic Divisions will determine their own process for soliciting nominations.
  3. Letters of nomination should be prepared by a Chair, Academic Director, Vice- or Associate Dean Research, or Vice-Principal Research as appropriate and should describe how the nominee’s research has led to an impact beyond academia. The nominator is responsible for the compilation of documentation. Nominators may request guidance from their Divisional Awards Office or the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.
    1. The letter of nomination should provide a concise overview of the nominee’s particular achievements and how their research has had significant impact on society beyond academia, including, for example, on society, culture, public policy or law, practices or services, education, the development of products, processes or services from inventions, the economy, health, a profession, the environment, quality of life, or through public engagement. The nomination may refer to research conducted prior to the nominee’s tenure at the University of Toronto, but should focus primarily on the impact of research undertaken during their appointment at the university.
    2. The nomination package should address the purpose of the award and include information regarding the nature of the impact, record of impact, benefit to society, and originality, scope and/or uniqueness of the impact of the research achievements. Sufficient details regarding the nominee’s research should be provided, and the included impact evidence should be specific to the nominee’s research and to the type of impact that has occurred. Evidence of impact may include, for example, broad use of research results within public or professional policy, legal or regulatory purposes, practice or service; partnerships and collaboration with community, cultural, national or international organizations and institutions; originality, scope and uniqueness of the impact; quantifiable impact.
    3. See the Checklist for Preparing a U of T President’s Impact Award Nomination which outlines the full set of materials that should be included in the nomination dossier.
  4. All nominations should be submitted online as endorsed by a Dean, Vice-Principal Research or Vice- or Associate Dean Research as appropriate, to the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.
  5. Completed nominations will be reviewed by the Selection Committee chaired by the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.
  6. The Selection Committee shall be composed of up to six internal University of Toronto members, one alumna/us, and one/two member(s) from other institutions. The membership of the Committee shall be made up of distinguished researchers and practitioners and shall be as broadly-based and diverse as possible. Past President’s Impact Awardees may be invited to serve as internal review committee members.
  7. The Committee will be expected to reinforce standards of rigor, fairness, respect and equity, diversity and inclusion throughout the process.
  8. Recognizing the breadth and depth of scholarship at the University of Toronto, the Selection Committee will seek over time to achieve a balance across disciplines and types of impact.
  9. The Selection Committee will evaluate all nominees on the basis of clear and demonstrated evidence of significant impact of their research beyond academia as detailed above.
  10. Unsuccessful nominations are eligible to be resubmitted for consideration in the year following their initial nomination. After this, the nominee must wait at least two years before resubmission.

Further Information

Enquiries regarding the U of T President’s Impact Award should be directed to Sarah Carson, Manager, University Awards & Honours, Office of the Vice President, Research & Innovation at or 416-978-7905.

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