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Academics Without Borders Network University Partners For capacity building projects in an Institution of Higher Learning In the Developing World

Notice: Faculty members who are planning to apply for funding are encouraged to login to the My Research Application (MRA) on-line system well in advance of the submission deadline to ensure that there are no problems with your login credentials. The system utilizes your UTORid credentials. The information in the on-line form will be automatically routed to the appropriate internal approvers for review and endorsement. If you encounter problems, please consult the My Research - Application User Guide for additional information or contact the RAISE help desk (416-946-5000, RAISE@utoronto.ca).



AWB-­USF is a bilingual NGO, based in Montreal. Its mission is to support capacity development in tertiary education in developing countries so that these countries can educate their own experts and professionals that are necessary for their development. AWB-­USF carries out its mission by supporting projects in institutions of higher education in developing countries and by working with talented and committed people there who are initiating and sustaining institutional growth and change. It does this by sending volunteers like yourself from Canada and other countries to support these local initiatives. AWB-­USF projects focus on a number of areas, including, health, teaching and learning methodology, various academic disciplines, student services, and back office operations. That is, in any area in which universities are involved.

Building on Established Relationships

This Call for Project Proposals is designed to build on established relationships between you and your colleagues at a tertiary institution in a developing country. The relationship can be informal and need not involve a prior development project. The existing knowledge, networks and trust between you and the people with whom you have worked or with whom you are in contact in the developing world provide a context for cooperation that contributes to sustainable change.

Application Process

The process is in two steps.

The first step involves your submitting a capacity building project proposal. If the proposal meets the eligibility requirements, the proposal will receive first step approval.

The second step involves AWB-­‐USF contacting the partner university and requesting it to provide AWB-­‐USF with a more fully developed project proposal. At this stage, AWB will do a budget for the project.

If the project proposal meets the AWB­‐USF eligibility criteria and the volunteer(s) specified in the proposal is(are) qualified to be an AWB‐USF volunteer(s) or AWB­‐USF can find qualified volunteer (s), then funding permitting, the project will be approved. If insufficient funds are available to support all eligible projects, funding decisions will be based on a consideration of the potential impact and sustainability of the projects.

Consideration may also be given to the number of proposals originating from each Network university in selecting those to be supported.

If the proposal is accepted as an AWB-‐USF project, AWB-­USF will then manage the project in accordance with AWB-­USF policies and procedures.


Deadlines and Decisions:

First Step Deadline: Friday, November 26, 2017.

First Step Decision: Monday, December 11, 2017

Second Step Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018

Second Step Decision: Monday, February 26, 2018

For more information including Eligibility, details of AWB-USF eligible costs, Proposal Guidelines, Selection Process, please review the attached Call for Proposal Document and visit the Organization’s website.

Contact Information

Jason Darby
Research Funding Manager, US & International
j.darby@utoronto.ca | (416) 946-5568

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