Early Researcher Award (ERA) Round 13



Early Researcher Award (ERA) Round 13 

The Early Researcher Award (ERA) program helps promising, recently-appointed Ontario researchers build their research teams of undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, associates, and technicians. The goal of the program is to improve Ontario’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research talent.

Funding Structure

The ERA program will provide funding of up to $100,000 for each award, and must be matched by an additional $50,000 (cash not in-kind, please use the Matching Letter Template below) from the Institution and/or a partner organization. The funds are to be used over a period of five years to fund eligible expenses for a research team, including undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, associates, and technicians. In addition, up to $40,000 will be provided by the Ministry for indirect costs.


The ERA program is open on a competitive basis to researchers who:

  • are full-time faculty or principle investigators who, at the application deadline, are based at an eligible institution
  • have started their academic career on or after July 1, 2012
  • have completed their first Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, Medical Doctor or terminal degree on or after July 1, 2007

To be competitive, researchers should be actively involved in conducting independent research that is supported by peer-reviewed funding. Please note that the program will take into consideration eligible interruptions such as continued education, required training (e.g. medical training and fellowships) and parental leave. Please see section “8d” of the application.


Application Package

ERA Round 13 Guidelines

ERA Round 13 – Notice of Intent

ERA Round 13 – Application Form

ERA Round 13 – Matching Letter Template

** If you are having problems opening the files, it could be your browser. Try using Internet Explorer, or please download the forms and open outside of the browser**

** For the Institutional Contact, please put: MayLiza Baak, Director, II. Research Services Office. 3rd floor, 12 Queen’s Park Crescent West. Toronto, ON  M5S 1S8. Ph: (416) 978-7605, m.baak@utoronto.ca**

MRIS Documents:

PDF – Application Assessment Criteria

PDF – MRIS ERA Round 13 Information Session Slides



Notice of Intent (NoI): Friday June 30

Researchers interested in applying must submit a Notice of Intent to apply to the Research Services Office for Institutional sign off. Please submit your NoI to Peter Schwarz-Lam (p.schwarzlam@utoronto.ca).

Submission of a NoI is not binding and will not be assessed by the Ministry, but will be used for selection of panel reviewers. Note that a MRA is not required at this stage, but will be required at the full application stage.

*Updated Deadline Date*
Letters of Reference: Friday August 11th  to Research Services

Please note that the application package must include three (3) signed letters of reference. These reference letters must be received by the Research Services Office by Friday August 11th.

Reference letters may be sent via email, mail or courier. If sending physical copies, we recommend that the letters of reference be sent by a courier that provides tracking numbers. Letters should be addressed to Peter Schwarz-Lam (p.schwarzlam@utoronto.ca), Mailing address :

12 Queen’s Park Crescent West
3rd Floor McMurrich Building
University of Toronto.
Toronto, ON. M5S 1S8.

MRA and Complete Application Package: Friday August 25

The MRA submission of the complete application and the complete application package for Round 13 must be submitted to the Research Services Office (to Peter Schwarz-Lam, Research Funding Administrator) by Friday August 25, 2017 for Institutional review and sign-off.

Contact Information

Peter Schwarz-Lam
Research Funding Manager
p.schwarzlam@utoronto.ca | 416-946-5607

This database lists major national and international awards only. For a more comprehensive listing of awards across disciplines and for all stages of the career, please visit the COS Pivot database when logged into the U of T system. In the advanced search, select “Prizes and Awards” as the funding type.

If you intend to submit a nomination, please notify the award contact as soon as possible. The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation offers guidance on submitting awards nominations, in collaboration with divisional offices and affiliated institutions. In some cases, an internal competition will be held to select an institutional nominee.

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