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Notice: Faculty members who are planning to apply for funding are encouraged to login to the My Research Application (MRA) on-line system well in advance of the submission deadline to ensure that there are no problems with your login credentials. The system utilizes your UTORid credentials. The information in the on-line form will be automatically routed to the appropriate internal approvers for review and endorsement. If you encounter problems, please consult the My Research - Application User Guide for additional information or contact the RAISE help desk (416-946-5000, RAISE@utoronto.ca).



Fellowships provide support for highly qualified candidates at the post-PhD or post-health professional degree stages to add to their experience by engaging in health research either in Canada or abroad.


For all applicants to this year’s CIHR Fellowship Award program there are two components: A CIHR component and a U of T component. Both must be completed for successful submission.

CIHR Component

The entire application to CIHR must be completed on ResearchNet (details can be found here).

To complete the application, follow the instructions in the Fellowship Awards – Application Instructions. A physical signature from the Institution Paid on the application is not required: once an application is submitted by an applicant through ResearchNet, it will be re-directed to the U of T Research Services Office for review and electronic approval. You will still need to obtain the physical signature from your supervisor, as well as the signature from any affiliated institution if the work is to be completed there. The signed signature pages and routing slip must be uploaded to ResearchNet as part of your application. Please be aware that Research Services can only give electronic approval to an application after we have received an MRA application under the name of your supervisor (see the U of T component below).

In order to ensure fairness in the evaluation of applications, equivalent time must be guaranteed for the assessment of each complete application. As a result, CIHR will not accept updates to applications after the application deadline.

U of T Component

All research funding applications at U of T (with a few exceptions) require an application to be created on the My Research Applications (MRA) system, details of which can be found here.

Your supervisor will need to create an MRA application to correspond with the application made through ResearchNet. We are unable to approve ResearchNet applications that do not have a corresponding MRA application that has been fully approved. A draft copy of your research proposal (preferably a preview PDF of your ResearchNet application or, failing that, a Word doc/PDF of your draft proposal) must be attached to the MRA application for approval.. Once completed, the MRA application will be electronically routed for e-approvals to the Chair/Director of the administering department and then on to Research Services. Once Research Services receives the MRA application, it can then approve and submit the application to CIHR via ResearchNet.

You will be able to make changes to your ResearchNet Application up until the CIHR deadline. The MRA approval process does not need a 100% finalized application.


Quick Process Breakdown


CIHR Component*

U of T Component

Potential sponsors contacted and selected (please see the CIHR Fellowship application instructions for more information).

No formal process

Application created and drafted on ResearchNet (remember to download a draft copy of the application to give to your supervisor for the MRA application).

Supervisor begins MRA application

Applicant provides (in progress or complete) ResearchNet application PDF to supervisor to upload to the MRA application one week before the CIHR deadline for the final application on ResearchNet.

Supervisor submits application on MRA system.

ResearchNet application electronically directed to the proposed Institution Paid for review and approval, in this case the Research Services Office (RSO).

MRA application goes to department for approval

RSO staff will search the My Research Applications (MRA) system for an associated application. If none is seen in process we will reach out to the applicant.

Department approves MRA application

RSO staff review the full application. If there are questions or concerns they will reach out to the applicant.

RSO staff approve the ResearchNet and MRA applications

*The CIHR application does not need to be 100% completed and finalized for the MRA process to start. They happen concurrently and the applicant can still make changes to the ResearchNet Application up until the CIHR deadline.


  • MRA deadline (internal to UofT): October 25, 2017
  • CIHR/ResearchNet application deadline: November 1, 2017
  • Completion and online submission of sponsor assessments: 48 HOURS prior to the CIHR/ResearchNet application deadline of November 1, 2017.


  1. Since my supervisor and I are submitting an MRA, do I still have to do a ResearchNet application for CIHR?
    YES. The MRA does not replace the ResearchNet application, it is just an additional requirement for all research funding applications that are to be administered by the University of Toronto. The MRA can only be started and completed by your supervisor (so please speak to them about it), and it is not linked to ResearchNet. However, the MRA should not take long, especially if your supervisor already has an MRA account. If there are any questions about the MRA, you can look here or contact the RAISE helpdesk at 416-946-5000 or raise@utoronto.ca (they can assist supervisors with access and technical questions).
  2. The MRA is due on Oct 25. Does that mean my ResearchNet application (that is due on Nov 1) needs to be 100% completed by the MRA deadline?
    No. The MRA and ResearchNet applications are separate. However, in the MRA, your supervisor will be asked to upload a document. Ideally, this would be the “Application Details” preview and the “Print/Upload Signature Pages” preview PDFs from your in-progress ResearchNet application (or your full application PDF from ResearchNet if you’ve already completed it). To download these, you go to the “Preview” task in the “Tasks” list of your ResearchNet application. You would need to enter some minimal information in your ResearchNet application in order to populate these preview documents with some basic data, such as your contact information, the Institution Paid, the Primary location where research will be conducted (with Faculty and Dept), your research proposal title, and the name of your supervisor(s) (they can be added in the “Identify Participants” task in your ResearchNet application). The other requirements for the MRA are minimal (though your supervisor might ask you some questions in order to complete it).
  3. In order for my supervisor to complete an MRA by Oct 25, do I need to identify my sponsors, have completed sponsor assessments, enter all my degree info, enter a complete/finalized proposal, complete my CCV, etc., in ResearchNet?
    No. As implied above, the MRA is not the ResearchNet application. The only things you might need from ResearchNet to complete your MRA are the two preview documents mentioned above. All other obligations of your ResearchNet application are reserved for ResearchNet. To complete your ResearchNet application by CIHR’s Nov 1 deadline, just be sure you complete all the necessary steps in the Fellowship Awards – Application instructions, and be aware of the due dates (for example, the final deadline of the ResearchNet application is Nov 1, but the “Identify Sponsors” requirement, where your sponsors complete assessments for you, must be completed 48 hours prior to the CIHR deadline (but not by or before the MRA deadline)).
  4. If the MRA and ResearchNet applications are separate, why do I need an MRA?
    All research funding applications at U of T (with a few exceptions) require an application to be created on the MRA system, as it facilitates departmental/faculty approval and support for proposed research at the university. Also, the ResearchNet application goes through an eApproval process, meaning that after you submit your final application through ResearchNet (on (or before!) Nov 1), it will be directed to the U of T Research Services Office, where we can approve it. ResearchNet applications will only be approved if there is a corresponding MRA from your supervisor.
  5. What if I/my supervisor cannot get the MRA submitted by Oct 25? Am I disqualified from applying altogether?
    No. But as mentioned above, when you finally submit your ResearchNet application on or before CIHR’s Nov 1 deadline, it will be routed to our office for institutional approval, and we will only approve those ResearchNet applications that have a corresponding MRA. Your MRA will need a bit of time to complete the internal approval process, so you and your supervisor must submit it before CIHR’s deadline of Nov 1, which is why our office asks that it be submitted one week in advance (so it has time to go through that approval process).
  6. Do I need an institutional signature on the Signature Page from my ResearchNet application?
    As mentioned above, your ResearchNet application goes through an eApproval process. Our eApproval of your ResearchNet application constitutes the Institutional Signature, so no “wet” signature is needed on the Signature Page (to learn more about the eApproval process, please see the CIHR Policy on the Institutional Electronic Approval of Applications). For confirmation of the signature requirements, please see the Fellowship Awards – Application Instructions. Under section 7 (“Print/Upload Signature Pages”), it reads:
    – Only supervisor(s) signatures are required.
    – No institutional signatures are required on the pages at the time of application.
  7. I have entered “The Hospital for Sick Children” [or any other institution name] in the “Institution Paid” field in my ResearchNet application. Does my supervisor need to complete an MRA?
    No. The MRA is a U of T internal process. If “University of Toronto” has been entered as the “Institution Paid” in your ResearchNet application, then yes, you do need an MRA. But if any other institution has been entered as the “Institution Paid”, then you don’t need an MRA (but you should contact that Institution’s research office to see if it has its own internal process/application).
  8. Can I submit my CIHR application on ResearchNet before my Supervisor’s MRA for me is submitted/approved?
    Yes, but after you submit your ResearchNet application, it will be routed to the U of T Research Services Office, where we will then look at our internal system to ensure that your supervisor has submitted and received approval on your MRA. Once that has been confirmed, we can then approve your ResearchNet application. If there is no corresponding MRA, it will delay the approval and submission of your ResearchNet application.
  9. Does the University of Toronto Research Services Office review my ResearchNet application before approving and submitting it to CIHR?
    The Research Services Office will perform a short administrative review to ensure that an MRA has been submitted by your supervisor, and that it has gone through the U of T internal approval process. However, the quality and accuracy of the content of each ResearchNet application is the responsibility of the applicant.


For questions on CIHR funding guidelines, how to apply, the peer review process, and technical support with your ResearchNet account or the electronic submission of your application, please contact CIHR:
Telephone: 613-954-1968
Toll Free: 1-888-603-4178
Fax: 613-954-1800
Email: support@cihr-irsc.gc.ca.

For technical support with your MRA or the electronic submission of your application:
RAISE Help Desk
Telephone: 416-946-5000
Email: RAISE@utoronto.ca

My Research Application User Guide – http://www.research.utoronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/documents/2016/10/MRA-User-Guide-2016-10-07.pdf
Complete CIHR Application Instructions – http://www.cihr.gc.ca/e/38886.html
CIHR FAQ – http://www.cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/44244.html

Signature information:
Required Signatures on Application Forms – http://www.cihr.gc.ca/e/22630.html#F22
Meaning of Signatures on Application Forms – http://www.cihr.gc.ca/e/22630.html#F16

Contact Information

Mark Bold
Research Funding Administrator
mark.bold@utoronto.ca | 416-978-2495

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