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In this tenth national competition the Canada Foundation for Innovation has stated that seeks proposals that focus on excellence, build on research strengths and incorporate collaboration as a means to ensure long-term sustainability of the Canadian research enterprise.  Applications should propose transformative infrastructure projects that will underpin cutting edge, globally competitive research.  The CFI seeks to support institutions that increase the competitiveness of the proposed research activities through collaboration with appropriate partners that are integrated into all facets of the proposed activities. See CFI Call for Proposals here.

The initiatives should be of sufficient maturity to enable institutions to launch them rapidly. The CFI will invest up to $425 million in infrastructure costs for funded projects in this competition. The CFI will fund up to 40% of a project’s eligible infrastructure costs.  A parallel application will be submitted to the Ministry of Research & Innovation for an additional 40%.

University Selection Process

The CFI limits the total requested amount that the Institution can request across all applications. Therefore, a campus wide excellence based, peer-reviewed selection process was conducted and 36 proposals will receive an allocation from UofT’s envelope.

CFI Application Process

Projects selected to go forward in the U of T internal competition must complete a Notice of Intent (NOI) on the CFI on-line system (CAMS) by the internal deadline (June 17). Please email a pdf version of the NOI to copying your Vice-Dean/Vice-Principal. Research Services will submit the cohort of NOIs to the CFI by their deadline of June 23. Please read CFI’s Guidelines carefully (see here), noting page 16 for NOI instructions.

  • Please note that each Principal User involved in the project (up to 10 people, including the Project Leader) will need to have a CAMS account (if one does not already exist); If you need CAMS support, please see here.
  • The same suggested reviewer names identified during the university selection process can be listed in the NOI. Please read the CFI’s instructions about conflict of interest;
  • For the purposes of this competition, only list as a “collaborating institution” an institution that receives part of the infrastructure or shares part of its institutional envelope in the project.

Full draft applications are due through CAMS by the draft internal deadline by August 5, 2016. Please email a pdf version of the entire application and a Word version of both the Project Summary and the Assessment Criteria sections to, copying your relevant Chair and Vice-Dean/Vice-Principal. Given the short timelines for the competition, it is extremely important to meet this internal deadline to ensure that the draft application is given the maximum opportunity to be as competitive as possible. Upon receipt by Research Services, a thorough editorial, administrative, and budget review will be conducted, and feedback will be provided by September 2. Full final applications are due through CAMS and MRA by the final internal deadline of September 23, 2016. Please also email a pdf version to, copying your Vice-Dean/Vice-Principal. Research Services will submit the cohort of applications to the CFI by their deadline (October 11, 2016). Please submit only one MRA, listing CFI and ORF as individual sponsors.

Note that it is expected that the CFI will use the NOIs to plan the review process, recruit committee members, and identify any potential infrastructure eligibility issues. The list of NOIs, which the CFI receives from all institutions across Canada, will be published on their website to encourage potential collaborations or joint initiatives, where appropriate. Forging productive partnerships is one of the key objectives for the CFI.

  • Please ensure the Department or Divisional research office is contacted to obtain their internal deadline for receipt of the Proposal and submission through MRA, in order to permit that office sufficient time for review prior to approvals and forwarding to Research Services.

If you have any questions about this competition or the process, please contact Sara-Jo at

Documents for this competition can be found below for reference:

To view the corresponding ORF-RI Large Infrastructure funding opportunity please follow the link included below:

ORF-RI Large Infrastructure (CFI matching)

Important Dates for ORF:

October 11 – internal deadline for full draft proposals by email to

October 21 – deadline for feedback to PI’s

November 1 – internal deadline for full final proposals by email to

November 15 – RSO submits full proposal to ORF

See Guidelines here

See Application for Full Proposal here

We anticipate the CFI making decisions at their June 2017 Board meeting, and ORF will release decisions after that.


Contact Information

MayLiza Baak
Director, Institutional Initiatives | (416) 978-7605

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