2018 Killam Prizes



The Killam Prizes are intended to honour eminent scholars actively engaged in research in Canada in universities, hospitals, research or scientific institutes or other equivalent or similar institutions. They are designed to encourage continuing contribution to scholarly research in Canada.

One prize of $100,000 is awarded each year in each of five fields: health sciences, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and the humanities.

The prizes are not related to a particular achievement but rather are given in recognition of a distinguished career and exceptional contributions in one of these fields. To be nominated for the prizes, candidates must have made a substantial and distinguished contribution over a significant period of time to scholarly research in Canada. Their outstanding achievement must have already been amply demonstrated, and they are expected to make further contributions to the scholarly and scientific heritage of Canada.

Contact Information

Sarah Carson
Manager, University Awards & Honours
sarahd.carson@utoronto.ca | (416) 978-7905

This database lists major national and international awards only. For a more comprehensive listing of awards across disciplines and for all stages of the career, please visit the COS Pivot database when logged into the U of T system. In the advanced search, select “Prizes and Awards” as the funding type.

If you intend to submit a nomination, please notify the award contact as soon as possible. The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation offers guidance on submitting awards nominations, in collaboration with divisional offices and affiliated institutions. In some cases, an internal competition will be held to select an institutional nominee.

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