OCE Solutions 2030 Challenge – ‘GreenHouse Gas’ Call for Applications

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The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science provided $74 million to Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) via the Ontario Green Investment Fund to develop the multi-stream TargetGHG program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change is one of the most significant challenges faced by humankind. Reducing the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions we produce is a massive and complex problem that we must tackle with speed and cooperation to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. There is no singular solution, but technology can and will play a critical role. While many technological solutions are ready to be deployed today, there is still a need to keep an eye on the future to identify new ideas and inventions to transform industries and achieve deep cuts in GHG emissions in the coming decades.
Ontario’s Solutions 2030 Challenge is a global call for innovators to propose their solutions to help Ontario industry reduce GHG emissions. With up to $7 million in funding, including up to $3 million in support for the winning team to bring their transformative technology to market, the challenge asks teams and industry to collaborate and envision a path forward to tackle climate change in Ontario and around the world.

A three-phase competition over three years, the Solutions 2030 Challenge is designed to identify and accelerate the development of technologies that have a high potential to help Ontario industry meet 2030 emissions targets.

Download the challenge guidelines

Phase 1- Concept

Phase 1 of the challenge will be evaluated on the concept and description of a team’s proposed technology and plan to market. To participate in Phase 1, the technology should be proven and the team should have a vision for large-scale implementation of their technology in Ontario by 2030.

The top eight teams will be invited to proceed to Phase 2 and will be awarded up to $250,000 each to support costs related to their participation.

Applications are now open to apply for Phase 1

Phase 1 Timeline

Phase 2- Prototype

Phase 2 of the challenge will require teams to build a lab-scale technology prototype in a controlled environment and will be evaluated based on prototype performance and the team’s vision to scale their technology to reduce GHG emissions by Ontario industry by 2030. The top four teams from Phase 2 will be invited to participate in Phase 3 and will be awarded up to $750,000 each to support costs related to their participation.

Phase 2 will launch in January 2018. Sign up to receive updates on the challenge.

Phase 2 Timeline

Phase 3- Demonstration

Phase 3 of the challenge will require teams to demonstrate their technology in partnership with an organization that has an industrial or manufacturing presence in Ontario. The grand prize will be awarded based on technology performance and the team’s technology commercialization plan. The top team from Phase 3 will be awarded up to $2 million to support costs related to technology commercialization in Ontario.

The winner is expected to use this funding to create a business presence in Ontario.

Phase 3 will launch Spring 2019. Sign up to receive updates on the challenge.

Phase 3 Timeline

Contact Information

Hema Prabhu
Contracts Assistant
innovations.partnerships@utoronto.ca | (416) 978-5557

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