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The Partnership Grant Program is a two stage application process.  Those invited to submit a Full Proposal will have submitted a successful Letter of Intent.    The information provided here offers a general overview of SSHRC’s Partnership Program.  Those seriously contemplating a proposal to this program should contact the Research Services contact for this program to discuss their plan.

SSHRC’s Partnership Grant Program

Partnerships must advance research and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities through mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership, as well as through resources, as evidenced by cash and/or in-kind contributions. The proposals must meet the objectives put forward in one of the following programs or a combination thereof:

Insight—To build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world by supporting research excellence in all subject areas eligible for funding from SSHRC;
Connection—To realize the potential of social sciences and humanities research for intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact on and beyond the campus by supporting specific activities and tools that facilitate the multidirectional flow of research knowledge.

Highlighted Specific Requirements:

  • Applicants must present a compelling proposal that explains the need for a partnership approach to the project envisioned; details of the partnership in the form of a formal partnership document (which can be in a variety of formats – Research Services can advise you on this requirement); and a robust plan for knowledge dissemination and mobilization to all current and potential stakeholders.
  • By the mid-term of a Partnership Grant, teams must have secured 35% in matching cash and/or in-kind contributions to the total amount funded by SSHRC.
  • Co-applicants and participants can be from all sectors:  academic, government, community-based organizations, industry, domestic and abroad.
  • Partners must provide a letter of support that explains their interest and role in the project and any commitments of cash or in-kind support they are offering (if applicable.)
  • As with all SSHRC programs, a plan for training students is essential.
  • The proposal must present a governing structure for managing the project and its various activities.

Application Process:

The application is completed on-line on SSHRC’s website.  The application consists of a number of on-line forms, and text documents that are uploaded into the application.

Partners and participants (co-applicants and collaborators) must create a SSHRC User ID in order to accept the on-line invitation that will be generated when they are added to the proposal.  This includes the creation of a SSHRC CV in most cases. It is important to advise your partners and participants of this requirement, particularly those who are unfamiliar with SSHRC and its on-line system.  It is important to plan enough time in advance.

By noon on October 26th you must:

  • Submit your appliction via SSHRC’s on-line system
  • Submit an approved My Research Application (MRA), available at: My Research – Application.  Applications should to be submitted through MRA in order to obtain departmental (or divisional) approval. These approvals should be completed prior to the internal deadline.
  • If your department or faculty is making commitments to the proposal, please provide confirmation in writing by the person authorizing those commitments. The confirmation can be:  an email, letter, fax, or any other formal documentation.

Research Services will complete an administrative review of the application to confirm eligibility of the applicant and UofT Co-applicants.  In addition, we will review your application to confirm all cash/in- kind contributions.  Once complete, we will submit your application to SSHRC.

For Co-applicants at another institution:

  • If your department or faculty is making commitments to the proposal, please provide confirmation in writing by the person authorizing those commitments. The confirmation can be: an email, letter, fax, or any other formal documentation.
  • Submit an approved  MRA by the internal deadline of October 26th.

Support and Assistance:

For UofT internal invited applicants Research Services can provide a range of services and supports to your proposal as it is developed.  From editorial review to external peer review coordination, Research Services will work closely with you and identify the support you require, and a suitable timeline in order to provide those services.  Please contact Sheila Van Landeghem to discuss timing.

PG proposal_Sample

Evidence of Formal Partnership Document_Sample 1

Evidence of Formal Partnership Document_Sample 2

Webinar: Research Services held a successful information session and webinar on SSHRC PARTNERSHIP FUNDING, including a presentation by Prof. Ito Peng who was successful in her application in the last round. View the recorded webinar here:

Contact Information

Kate Ryan
Research Funding Manager | 416-946-3606

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