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NSERC awards up to six E.W.R Steacie Memorial Fellowships annually to enhance the career development of outstanding and highly promising scientists and engineers who are earning a strong international reputation for original research. Fellows receive a grant of $125,000 per year for two years and are relieved of teaching and administrative duties in order to be able to devote all their time and energy to research for the two-year period.

Eligible candidates will have obtained their doctorate within the last 12 years (i.e., 2006 or later) and hold a grant from NSERC. (Parental leaves are not counted as part of the 12-year period; however, such periods MUST be identified in the letter from the nominator.)

Nomination Process

Candidates must be nominated by senior members of the Canadian science and engineering community, and nominations must be endorsed by the executive head of the candidate’s university. The University of Toronto may endorse up to six (6) nominations for the Fellowships per year. A small advisory committee of representatives from across the sciences and engineering will review internal nominations and select the University’s nominees for 2018.

To submit a candidate for consideration by the University of Toronto committee, please consult with your Divisional/Faculty awards coordinator or officer to identify any internal deadlines and review processes specific to your Academic Division or Department, and arrange to have the following materials sent to vpri.awards@utoronto.ca in PDF format by 12:00 noon May 1, 2018.

  1. Letter from the nominator(s) to the NSERC Selection Committee explaining why the nominee deserves consideration for the Fellowship, with reference to the selection criteria below, and how the Fellowship will help the nominee in his/her career development. (NOTE: Nominators can be an individual or a group, and must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. Nominators can nominate only one candidate.)
  2. 2-page summary of the research that would be pursued during the tenure of the Fellowship. The summary should be written for non-specialists, as both the U of T internal review committee and the NSERC Selection Committee for the Fellowships are multi-disciplinary.
  3. Copies of the nominee’s three most significant research contributions.
  4. NSERC Form 100; note that contributions do not need to be limited to those in the last six years (a full list is recommended), and there is no page limit.
  5. Confirmation that the nominee’s Chair and/or Dean has approved the nomination (as your unit’s policies determine), as the Fellowship requires release time; not needed if the Chair/Dean is one of the nominators.

The selected candidates will be given an opportunity to complete and revise their nominations prior to NSERC’s deadline of June 7, 2018.

Selection Criteria and Evaluation

The nominations will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • candidate’s stature in the scientific or engineering community—both national and international;
  • importance and scope of the candidate’s research and its impact on the field, society and, if applicable, on industry;
  • candidate’s specific accomplishments within his or her field;
  • candidate’s overall suitability for the award.

Contact Information

Sarah Carson
Manager, University Awards & Honours
sarahd.carson@utoronto.ca | (416) 978-7905

This database lists major national and international awards only. For a more comprehensive listing of awards across disciplines and for all stages of the career, please visit the COS Pivot database when logged into the U of T system. In the advanced search, select “Prizes and Awards” as the funding type.

If you intend to submit a nomination, please notify the award contact as soon as possible. The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation offers guidance on submitting awards nominations, in collaboration with divisional offices and affiliated institutions. In some cases, an internal competition will be held to select an institutional nominee.

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